DIVINE ELEMENTS by Mark Phillips is Available Now

Mark Phillips, IVP author of "Truth Seeker: A New Journey to God" and "Secrets and Lies: My Journey to Enlightenment," presents an easy-to-understand text for chemistry students and an easy-to use system for instructors teaching chemistry alongside the Word of God in "Divine Elements: A God-centered Introduction to Chemistry" (published by CrossBooks). Both student and teacher editions are available.

"Every secondary student needs chemistry," states Phillips. "Every chemistry student needs a good understandable text, and every Christian chemistry student needs such a text from a Christian perspective, integrating chemical concepts with biblical theology. And every teacher can use a simple start-up and plug-in system."

Intended for homeschoolers, Christian schools, classical preparatory academies, and first-year college chemistry, "Divine Elements" introduces readers to fundamental chemistry topics from a Christian perspective. Phillips includes sections on the roles of protons, neutrons and electrons; basics of the periodic table; chemical bonds; stoichiometry; gas laws and how to understand and balance chemical equations. Even if it's not used as the primary textbook, "Divine Elements" still provides a terrific and inexpensive supplement to existing chemistry textbooks and courses, as well as a week-by-week guide to the instructor for teaching chemistry.

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