DEADLY VOWS by Leif M. Wright is Available Now


DEADLY VOWS by Leif M. Wright is Available Now

The tomb had to be scavenger-proof, he had decided on the long drive out into the Arizona desert. He couldn't just trust that nature would take care of hiding everything; he had to make sure himself. His life depended on it. She had forced his hand. He hadn't wanted this, but she had left him no choice. Jezebel. If his version of her death was going to work, it was absolutely essential that she never be found. He knew there would be no way to hide the brutality of her murder if investigators had her body. He vowed to make sure they wouldn't find the body and if they did they would never figure out who she was.

In DEADLY VOWS: The True Story of a Zealous Preacher, a Polygamous Union and a Savage Murder (New Horizon Press, January 2014), journalist Leif M. Wright tells the twisted tale of Joy Risker's gruesome death. Pentecostal preacher Sean Goff-Wright's best friend for sixteen years-weaved a tangled web of deception, religion and polygamy in his life and marriage to multiple women, one being Risker. Rather than losing his youngest wife when she voiced wanting to continue her education and have a meaningful career, Goff used all of his knowledge from TV forensics shows and CSI to commit the near-perfect murder. Will the tireless work of investigators, forensics experts and Risker's friends bring Goff to his ruin? Will his followers continue to believe this charismatic preacher is "anointed" by God?

We hope you will want to feature DEADLY VOWS, a psychological thriller that will transport you into the twisted mind of a sociopath and leave you examining everyone around you, even your closest friends and family, because no one ever really knows what could be hiding in the mind and heart of even those we love.

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