Contractors Saved from Year-End Bookkeeping Nightmares by Recently Released Book from


Mike Russell's recently released book, QuickBooks Made Fast and Simple is a contractors dream come true. This illustrated, step-by-step, hands-on manual is the only book in the world that reveals the secrets of cash basis accounting using QuickBooks. All other books written about QuickBooks teach the more difficult accrual method of accounting.

This easier cash basis method of accounting is used by your accountant when you bring in months or even years of work to do. Small business contractors everywhere can learn to do this work themselves instead of paying high-priced accountants.

This is the time of year when small business owners everywhere begin the process of gathering up all their income and expenses so that they can file their income taxes on time. Some businesses manage to keep up with their month-to-month bookkeeping better than others but a lot of small business owners will simply be going through their checkbooks and hoping they add up all the correct amounts to put on a tax questionnaire for their accountant. Some even guess at their income and expenses but then they live in fear of always being audited by the IRS.

QuickBooks Made Fast and Simple relieves pain and frustration felt around tax time because it teaches exactly what you need to know to meet the IRS requirements for a cash basis audit. Finally, you will be able to spend more time with your family and friends and less time agonizing over company books and year-end taxes. This method of accounting is so easy that you will wonder why everyone doesn't use it.