Clinical Psychologist Dr. Susan Albers Explores Emotional Eating in 'EatQ'

CLEVELAND, Dec. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ Are you hungry right now? It's a question most people ask themselves at least three times a day, if not more. However, many people hesitate before answering this routine question. It's not easy to determine if you are really physically hungry or not. In fact, it can be downright frustrating. Why is it so hard? Dr. Susan Albers, a clinical psychologist and author, explores this question in detail throughout her new book, EatQ:Unlock the Weight Loss Power of Emotional Intelligence (HaperOne, 2013). Dr. Albers discusses five factors (social eating, pleasure eating, dieting, distress and stress) that create a "smoke and mirrors effect" that makes you think you are physically hungry when you are not.

An article in the 2013 journal, Appetite, indicates that some people are naturally more in tune with knowing when they are hungry and full. It's called "interoceptive sensitivity," and it means having the ability to sense what is going on inside the body. This is an important skill for knowing if you are hungry, full or just satisfied. In EatQ, Dr. Albers explains the classic Heartbeat Test which scientists have been using for many yearsto determine a person's degree of interoceptive awareness.

The good news? Being able to differentiate between emotional and physical hunger is a skill that can be learned and boosted. Dr. Albers teaches readers 25 step-by-step tools for unravelling this complex relationship between hunger and emotion. The benefit? Dr. Albers believes, "Knowing the food-feelings connection can help you end overeating and lose weight. It's really the key to becoming a more mindful eater and enjoying food again."

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