Clarence M. Allen Releases New Book, 'The Haunted Soul Brother'

September 1
9:14 2014
Clarence M. Allen Releases New Book, 'The Haunted Soul Brother'


Author Clarence M. Allen always felt a call to write, speak and share some of his life stories and experiences with the world every since he was a young kid. He had some of the greatest opportunities to visit many countries and witness and experience many of life's events first hand and now, it is time to share them with readers.

His book "The Haunted Soul Brother" (published by Xlibris) tells the story of a monster and creature that have evolved into a haunted life form summoned from the millions of victims from the horrors in life that were brutalized, raped, enslaved and murdered throughout the history and ages of time. These victims are those whose cries were never heard neither avenged during their time of violence. For centuries, they all have laid restless in their graves crying out for someone to answer their calls and summons. Finally, they have been heard.

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