'Christmas in Amityville' is Announced Exclusively on Kindle

December 13
6:42 2013
'Christmas in Amityville' is Announced Exclusively on Kindle

"Christmas in Amityville," a new story about the haunting, contains original, previously unpublished material. It is being published as an e-book only in an exclusive arrangement with, and will be offered free of charge in a special promotion, December 17-20. Its release is the first in an ongoing salvo of new products and materials heralding the return of "The Amityville Horror" and the launch of, a new curated web site on "horror, suspense, and the supernatural - real and imagined," premiering Monday, December 16. More about the novella and a sample of its first chapter is available here.

Millions of believers in "true horror" know the story of George and Kathy Lutz, who moved into their new, unassuming Dutch Colonial home in Amityville, New York early one December ... only to flee in terror a month later. The story of the haunting that nearly destroyed them - the plagues of flies, the black ichor filling sinks, commodes, and even bleeding from the walls, the phantom voices and the inexorable transformation of George Lutz from loving father to a dangerously violent madman - captivated the country and the world in the early 1980's. It spawned a blockbuster film, a more recent remake, an untold number of inferior spin-offs ... and a series of books by John G. Jones, who was authorized by the Lutzes themselves to tell the continuing story of what happened to them after they fled from their home in Amityville, never to return.

Now, after a decades-long hiatus, John G. Jones returns to Amityville to relate the previously untold tale of two handymen who are called to 112 Ocean Avenue to fix a broken boathouse door on Christmas Eve 1975 - even as the horrors inside the house are reaching their nightmarish zenith. What happens to them, and how it changes their lives forever, makes for a fascinating and frightening read.


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