Chris Faulkner Announces 'The Fracking Truth'

Chris Faulkner Announces 'The Fracking Truth'

DALLAS, Aug. 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ "The US will never run out of oil and natural gas. NEVER. Same goes for the rest of the world. Won't happen."

That's the startling forecast by Dallas-based oil and gas executive Chris Faulkner in his new book, THE FRACKING TRUTH, available now from publisher Platform Press. (ISBN: 978-0-9850703-7-3 $21.95 Cloth/Dust Jacket 6" x 9" (192 pages) Illustrations)

Faulkner, who consults with governments and industry from the US to China to Europe, has been a critic of the oil industry for slipshod practices in the early days of fracking in Pennsylvania; for hiding the ingredients in fracking fluids; for failing to engage the public; and allowing the environmental movement to demonize a technology that is turning the US into an energy superpower after years under OPEC's thumb. Nevertheless, he says the energy revolution is well underway and fracking is now the predominant practice in the industry.

Furthermore, "The revolution that's taking place in our own backyardsfrackingis spreading around the globe," says Faulkner. "The energy boom has been the catalyst for enormous changes that are reinvigorating the US economy, providing us with greater security, giving us greater control over our environment, and even helping rebuild America's stature in the eyes of the world. It's also fundamentally changing the global balance of power away from the Persian Gulf states and Russia."

In addition to fracking having unlocked enormous new sources of energy, huge strides in conservation and technology are making developed countries more energy efficient at such a rapid pace that the world's dependence on traditionaland "dirtier"hydrocarbon sources will decline sharply in the years ahead.

"This phenomenon of energy abundance and energy efficiency makes it almost a certainty that the cost of powering our nationalready a bargain by international standardsis going to become even less of a burden for our economy for decades to come."