Chirstopher Baidoo-Essien Releases EXAMINING THE GREAT COMMISSION

Chirstopher Baidoo-Essien Releases EXAMINING THE GREAT COMMISSION

What would have been your reaction when Jesus not only told Peter to put his sword away, but then healed the wounded soldier who was prepared to crucify him?

During this Lenten season, author Christopher Baidoo-Essien shares years of research explaining each stage of gaining salvation as a true Christian disciple in his new book, "Examining the Great Commission."

After 30 years of dedication to the Christian lifestyle, Baidoo-Essien breaks down the encrypted passage of Matthew 28: 18-19 line-by-line to provide a complete analysis that illustrates the divine meaning of baptism.

"Jesus outlines specific tasks for His disciples, authorizing them to make disciples, baptize them, and teach them to obey everything He, Jesus, has commanded," Baidoo-Essien said. "Following the steps laid out into specific chapters, readers can gain the wisdom that true disciples must accept."

Investigating the miraculous stages of Jesus' death and resurrection, Baidoo-Essien presents the Great Commission as Jesus' divine power and authority over all things.
"Examining the Great Commission" can be used as a studying tool for all ages during the Lenten season.

Examining the Great Commission: a call to study
By Christopher Baidoo-Essien
ISBN: 978-1-4670-3698-6
Pages: 377
Price: $31.50
Available at,, and

About the author
Christopher has been a Christian since September 1983. He is a third-year Greek and Hebrew graduate student at the Theological University of America and hopes to graduate someday with a theology degree. Christopher has degrees in mathematics and computer science and has worked as a software developer, Web developer, and programmer analyst since the spring of 2006. At the end of his graduate studies in Greek and Hebrew, he aspires to teach biblical languages, preach and teach the gospel of Christ, and write books as God opens the door.

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