'Chester The Easter Chicken' Children's Book is Released

'Chester The Easter Chicken' Children's Book is Released

Invaluable life lessons are often best conveyed through compelling and emotionally resonant storytelling, and young children are most receptive towards this medium. In her children's picture book, author Jessica Vokey teaches her little readers that everyone is special in their own way and discourages bullying by telling the tale of "Chester The Easter Chicken."

Vokey's tale follows the Easter holiday adventure of Chester the chicken who lives on Farmer Frank's quiet little farm. Each morning, when Farmer Frank comes out to collect the eggs, all the other chickens stand proud by the coop. Chester usually stands behind with head bent down, embarrassed by the eggs he lays; some are pink, some are blue, some have dots or stripes, and in many different hues. It turns out that Chester has laid chocolate eggs, sweet delicious chocolate eggs.

Chester was often teased for being different and laying unusual eggs. Finally, Chester decides to run away. He dreads the day when Farmer Frank would give him up for another normal chicken. Lonely and dejected, he stumbles into Ernest the bunny, who is also feeling down with his seemingly insurmountable dilemma. Together with Sheldon the sheepdog, they embark on a mission that would make everyone happy.

Colorful, amusing and lesson-filled, "Chester The Easter Chicken" teaches young readers valuable insights on friendship, individuality and a sense of mission and cooperation. It teaches children not to be afraid of who they truly are, but to be proud and embrace what makes them different, to overcome bullying.

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