Celebrated Editor Hollis George Picks His 10 Favorite New eBooks

Celebrated Editor Hollis George Picks His 10 Favorite New eBooks

For years readers have looked forward to the Reading List of Hollis George. Periodically, the celebrated anthologist and editorial director of Absolutely Amazing eBooks and The New Atlantian Library issues a listing of the books he's currently enjoying.

While not exactly as influential as Oprah's Book Club, Hollis George has been picking favorites since the mid '60s when he was the book editor with a major newspaper. Over the years, he has moved to the other side of the desk, choosing books to be published, but his Reading List remains popular among those who have received it on an ongoing basis.

Now that Hollis is part of the fold, AAeB News will share it with you from time to time. We admit it's eclectic, the product of a wide-reaching and broad-thinking mind. Nonetheless, we never fail to find a book or two that appeals to our own reading tastes.

We asked him to pick his favorites from among the titles published by Absolutely Amazing eBooks and The New Atlantian Library. Herewith are the titles stacked on Hollis George's bedside table. The accompanying comments are his:

Fish Food by James D. Loy. "A surprisingly entertaining little gem. A retired anthropologist who studied monkeys turns his attention to the anti-social behavior of man. In this case, the story of a guy who happens to own a hungry piranha fish."

Skook by William R. Burkett, Jr. "Here's a page-turner about a down-on-his-luck newspaperman who stumbles upon some strange creatures in the Pacific Northwest. Too well written to be tossed off as a horror story. But it gave me chills, I must confess."

The Pea-Green Boat and Other Unsettling Stories by William R. Burkett, Jr. "Another book in the same vein by Burkett, a collection of disquieting short stories, designed to be one degree off your comfort zone. Dang, this guy can sure spin a yarn."

Undying Love by Ben Harrison. "You might try to label this one a horror story too, but at heart this is a romance (of sorts) ... and it's absolutely true! A lovesick doctor tries to resurrect his dead sweetheart."

Waiting for Something to Happen by Bill Lorraine. "A true Renaissance Man, Lorraine composes symphonies, sculpts, composes poetry, and also writes entrancing novels and short stories. These reflections on the people of Key West are guaranteed to lower your blood pressure as you kick back to read them."

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