Cecil M. Bryar Sr. Chronicles America's Political Turmoil

"What Happened to America?" is about the last forty years and a little about the 1897-1929 eras. This book unravels what led up to the recession of the thirties, how long it took to get people going again, and the systems that were designed so people would have safety nets.

Author Cecil M. Bryar Sr. remembers that in the year 2012, he saw a familiar name running for president. Knowing what this man did in Massachusetts, he decided to start writing. He made a bunch of fliers and started to hand these out to people randomly, explaining what he knew to be true-about what he had done to the people of Massachusetts. Mr. Romney believed that it was okay for him to outsource jobs, force people to buy insurance, and do everything possible to benefit the conglomerates and millionaires, but his idea of helping the people by outsourcing jobs was not the best. As people know, this does nothing to benefit the people in their daily lives.

"What Happened to America?" aims to help readers understand what really happened to America. For forty years, the country has been outsourcing jobs; people have been getting paid by someone. Republicans have outsourced their oil production also. Food and other great deals of daily necessities are from other countries as well. The lack of job had made the welfare system grow to the point where this has become a way of life. They have altered the ways they get jobs to the point where the employment system works for the conglomerate, not the people.

Tax on unemployment-what does it really mean? America as a society need to wake up and understand what these representatives of the past have done to the American people as a whole.

Bryar hopes to tell a story about of what he experienced firsthand in his daily life and his personal experiences. No matter what people said, all the farmers went to Washington and there was all that protesting from 1980-1981. Once again, it fell on deaf ears. Hopefully, people are now doing what is right for the benefit of everyone, the one percent. The trickle-down effect will soon benefit the people sooner or later.

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