Candlewick Press Announces Valentine's Day Book Suggestions

Candlewick Press Announces Valentine's Day Book Suggestions

Candlewick Press shares book suggestions to celebrate Valentine's Day with!

Paul Meets Bernadette by Rosy Lamb

9780763661304 ? December 2013 ? Hardcover ? $14.00 ? 40 pages ? Ages 4-7

Paul is a fish who used to go around in circles. What else was there to do? Until one day Bernadette drops in and shows Paul that there is a whole world out there, right outside his bowl, with so many things to see. Simple saturated paintings play off this charming ode to an active imagination -- and the way that life changes when a bewitching creature opens your eyes.

Dinosaur Kisses by David Ezra Stein

9780763661045 ? August 2013 ? Hardcover ? $15.99 ? 32 pages ? Ages 2-5

For newly hatched dinosaur Dinah, the world is an exciting place. There is so much to see and do. She tries this -- STOMP! And she tries that --CHOMP! Then she sees a kiss and knows just what she wants to try next. Who can she kiss? Young children will chuckle and cheer when Dinah finds just the right creature for her dinosaur kisses in this funny new picture book from David Ezra Stein.

Forever by Emma Dodd

9780763671327 ? October 2013 ? Hardcover ? $12.99 ? 24 pages ? Ages 2-5 yrs

Love between parent and child lasts a lifetime; this is the beautiful message in Emma Dodd's Forever. Featuring stunning, foil-embellished illustrations of a polar-bear family, this book makes a handsome addition to any nursery bookshelf and is the perfect read-aloud for parent-child bonding at bedtime.

©©©Hearts by Thereza Rowe

9781935179597 ? January 2014 ? Hardcover ? $12.95 ? 32 pages ? Ages 4-8

When Penelope the Fox drops her heart into the sea, she's swept off on a perilous journey. Young readers will fall in love with Thereza Rowe's bold and playful designs. And as they follow Penelope (and her heart!), they will learn what is truly precious.

Never Too Little To Love by Jeanne Willis

9780763666569 ? December 2013 ? Hardcover ? $8.99 ? 32 pages ? 3 years and up

Tiny Too-Little loves someone who's very, very tall, and Tiny wants a kiss. What if he stands on his tiptoes on top of a thimble? What if he stands on his tiptoes on top of a matchbox on top of a thimble? Clever cut-away pages show Tiny's precarious pile growing higher and higher as this comical, cumulative tale of a mouse in search of a kiss shows that you're never too little (or too big) to love.

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