Butterfield Books Inc. Announces New Book Series, the Kansas Quilter Series

Butterfield Books Inc. Announces New Book Series, the Kansas Quilter Series

Butterfield Books Inc. will celebrate National Women's History Month in March with the release of a new series from Linda K. Hubalek. Her new Kansas Quilter series will continue with the next generation of pioneer women first featured in the author's Trail of Thread series.

"The 2014 theme for the National Women's History Month, Celebrating Women of Character, Courage and Commitment, honors the extraordinary and often unrecognized determination and tenacity of women. Kansas pioneer women certainly showed all three qualities when homesteading on the Kansas prairie," said the author, Linda Hubalek.

The Kansas Quilter series, which will celebrate Butterfield Books Inc.'s 20th year in business, is based on Hubalek's ancestor's life. Her great grandmother Kizzie Pieratt was born in 1874, married at age twenty, and raised eight children besides farming and quilting for others.

"My new series features a pioneer that I've always admired, and wanted to write about. Kizzie Pieratt fits the National Women's History group's theme with her characteristics so it's the perfect month to start releasing the book series about her."

"Visiting my great grandparent's farm for the last time before it was torn down was the reason I started my writing career. Thirty years ago I put writing a book about Kizzie Pieratt on my bucket list, but research drew me into the Butter in the Well and Planting Dreams series first."

"A great uncle shared photos and stories about his parents and grandparents, which led me to write the Trail of Thread series," said Linda K. Hubalek. "Now, I'm finally getting back to the original book I planned to write."

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About Butterfield Books Inc.:

Founded in 1994, Butterfield Books Inc. publishes and promotes books about Kansas and its pioneer history. The company is located in Lindsborg, Kansas, known as "Little Sweden USA."

About Linda K. Hubalek:

Author Linda K. Hubalek writes books about the pioneer women who made Kansas their home. Her books are published by Butterfield Books Inc. and they include the Trail of Thread, the Butter in the Well, and the Planting Dreams series.

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