Brian A. Curtis Presents THE PROMISED LAND

For many people, the Bible may be the Word of God, but that does not necessarily make it an easy book to read. Indeed, the culture and practices of biblical times and the way the books have been presented can be real stumbling blocks to reading it and understanding its message. As a result, many readers can end up frustrated and discouraged in their attempt to grasp its truths. For this reason, Brian A. Curtis offers "THE PROMISED LAND," a book that not only attempts to make the bible readable for the 21st century reader, but makes the purpose, relevance and meaning of a relationship with God clear.

An ordained minister, Curtis believes that the Bible is an often misunderstood and misquoted book. A situation he sees reflected in the many claims that lives and society are based on biblical principles; claims that cannot be sustained from the text. What the scriptures truly say and mean does not come easy to many readers and there are obstacles to overcome to truly understand them fully. Many of the obstacles Curtis removes to put forward a more comprehensible biblical narrative.

This book presents the Bible in a logical, historical order. It is based on the Hebrew Scriptures, but is supplemented by additional comments interwoven into the text to enhance the readability and understanding of both the narrative and the laws. It covers the period from Abraham to Joshua, and is the first installment of what is hoped will be a series of books covering the whole Bible.

Spiritually-enriching and faith-fortifying, "THE PROMISED LAND" delivers the Bible's message and meaning in plain and understandable ways to help readers understand the wondrous and divine truths preserved in it.

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