Brenda Kimball Releases LOST MEMORIES

Brenda Kimball Releases LOST MEMORIES

Alberta, Canada

Justice for the murder of a young boy is the rousing theme of the novel "Lost Memories". Written by Brenda Kimball, this book follows a woman who risks her safety and that of her family in order to serve redress to the cold-blooded killing of an innocent child.

"Lost Memories" runs the story of a woman named Katrina who learns that she had a brother murdered at the age of three. Determined to know what happened, she delves into her family's past and is further puzzled as the man convicted of the crime pleaded his innocence. However, as she engrosses herself into the twenty-year old homicide, her family is put in peril. To get hold of the truth, she commissions an ex-Scotland Yard detective who concluded for himself that Katrina has opened a can of worms.

Through this publication, Kimball channels the inklings that violence pounds on everyone, regardless of age or gender. Moreover, Kimball proposes an exposition that people have the choice to change the course of history at the cost of losing memories, thus, they must keep memories in tack and reconcile with the past.

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About the Author
Brenda Kimball grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan and has been married for thirty-four years. She is the mother of three wonderful boys and the grandmother of two beautiful grandchildren. Writing has always been her passion, and after taking a writing course, she started her book while working full-time. She eventually quit her job and pursued writing full-time. She describes herself as private person, but loves to be surrounded by her family and friends.

Lost Memories* by Brenda Kimball
Publication Date: April 2, 2014
Trade Paperback; $19.99; 232 pages; 9781493196760
Trade Hardback; $29.99; 232 pages; 9781493196753
e-book; $3.99; 9781493196746

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