Bonham Richards Releases WORLD WITHOUT CATS

Bonham Richards Releases WORLD WITHOUT CATS

As a biology professor in California State University, Bonham Richards shared his passion for ecology with his students. In his new book, "World without Cats" (published by iUniverse), Richards combines his love of science fiction and cats in the thrilling story of three scientists who face a rapidly-spreading disease that threatens to wipe cats off the face of the planet.

"Recently, the BBC published an article suggesting that mammals probably harbor as many as 320,000 'new' viruses-that is, viruses that have never before been observed," Richards says, quoting a September 2013 BBC article written by Rebecca Morelle. "We have witnessed such viruses over the last 50 years or so with HIV, SARS and continually appearing new strains of influenza and other viruses. It is not at all preposterous, therefore, to imagine such a new virus having the capacity to wipe out a species."

Set in Camarillo, Calif., "World without Cats" centers around three scientists who encounter a terrible feline hemorrhagic disease with the potential to eliminate all cats worldwide. Veterinarian Vera Barnett at first suspects the virus originated in the lab of her lover, molecular biologist Noah Chamberlin but accumulating observations suggest otherwise."

The disease soon spreads all over the world, killing millions of cats. Epidemiologist Angelo Kraakmo is on the case and joins Vera and Noah in their investigation, but it's a race against the clock as 80 percent of the cat population dies off and the planet must deal with the potential loss of an entire species.

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