Bob Morris Releases Biography BUILT IN DETROIT

Bob Morris Releases Biography BUILT IN DETROIT

Canton, Mich.

Brutal beatings. Gangsters. Assassination attempts. This is not the latest Martin Scorsese script.

"Built in Detroit: A Story of the UAW, a Company, and a Gangster" (published by iUniverse) by author Bob Morris, is the real-life history of the United Auto Workers' struggle against hostile forces as it sought to bring justice to automobile workers in the 1930s and 1940s.

With his father, Ken Morris, playing a significant role in the rise of the union, Bob Morris learned first-hand many untold stories. Bob Morris knew the leaders of a generation when the Michigan labor movement was at its peak in the 1950s and 1960s.

In his new book, "Built in Detroit," Bob Morris explores the beginning of the United Auto Workers (UAW), its battles with the automobile companies, the union's internal struggles and the company-instigated violence that followed. Additionally, the book shares Ken Morris' journey of working in Detroit's toughest auto plant, his active participation in the fledgling union and his work life after World War II, when he was subjected to mob violence against the UAW.

The story covers the brutal attack against Ken Morris and the assassination attempts against union leader Walter Reuther and Reuther's brother, Victor. The book trails private detectives to find the perpetrators of this violence and gives readers an inside look at the U.S. Senate's Kefauver hearings on interstate criminal activities - a one-man grand jury, the Detroit underworld and a crooked Detroit cop.

With vivid descriptions and suspenseful storytelling, "Built in Detroit" aims to provide an authentic look into the day-to-day lives of autoworkers and the mysteries that surrounded their history. It brings to life a lost chapter in Detroit and American history that has relevance to today's labor struggles.

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