Bill Greenman Launches THE WEIGHT LOSS MASTER KEY on Kindle

Bill Greenman Launches THE WEIGHT LOSS MASTER KEY on Kindle

Author and founder of Bill Greenman, Ph.D., has announced the launch of his latest book, "The Weight Loss Master Key," now available as a Kindle download on This is the first in a new series of Master Key Kindle books geared toward procuring life achievement skills that include mastering health & fitness, relationships, and business building.

"The Weight Loss Master Key" is not a diet or exercise regimen, but rather a science based program that requires less than five minutes per day.

Drawing on his studies and lifelong passion for athletics, nutrition, health and personal fitness, Greenman wrote this book as a motivational guide for people looking to shed pounds, challenge themselves, improve their health, and transform their lives through safe, natural means. An enthusiastic proponent of science-validated natural products, Greenman addresses the basics including the real causes of weight gain, why dieting can actually sabotage weight loss efforts, the relationship between exercise, metabolism and fat loss and much more.

Greenman's approach to maintaining a healthy, disciplined lifestyle began as a teenager with an insatiable drive for learning martial arts, swimming, surfing, and any sport he could find that offered a challenge. This drive eventually led him to a 17-year career as a professional trapeze artist and acrobat. Over the years, Greenman has perfected his approach to physical fitness and health maintenance with a scientifically based, back-to-basics sensibility.

By writing "The Weight Loss Master Key," he hopes to provide others with motivational and effective learning tools for weight loss and fitness management that are natural, straight forward, and simple to understand.

To maintain the internal health and physical strength necessary to master his athletic pursuits and keep his body in top acrobatic form, Greenman studied the science behind nutrition, health, and fitness to achieve balance between performance and knowledge.

"My life's work boils down to the joy I experience from teaching others how to better themselves," Greenman says. "Helping people discover who they are and how they can achieve the dreams they have and be healthy along the way is what motivates me to share my knowledge with others."

For more information on "The Weight Loss Master Key," visit , "The Weight Loss Master Key," or the website.

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