Bill Creed Debuts With Horror Fiction

August 15
6:18 2014
Bill Creed Debuts With Horror Fiction

Durand, Mich.

Sometimes, some things do not always turn out to be quite what they seem. Once in a while, peace is hopelessly used to cover up a story so dreadful that they are condemned to obliteration. But what happens when the secrets are stirred to revival? In "Ghost in the Mountains" (published by Xlibris), author Bill Creed takes readers into a chilling horror story in the silent mountain tops of Tennessee.

Mountain Top is a serene and peaceful town, yet despite the silence, there is an implacable air of mystery about the place. When Joe's mother died, her dying wish motivates him to visit his aunt in Tennessee. He convinces his wife, Jill, that the crisp mountain air will do them both some good. Little do they know, his aunt's sleepy little town harbors several deep, dark secrets - secrets of conspiracy, murder, betrayal, and corruption. However, the worst is yet to come as Joe and Jill accidentally awaken a vengeful spirit that terrorized the town for years. Now, their lives and the town of Mountain Top will never be the same.


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