Bernard Bushell Releases 'The Formula'

Bernard Bushell Releases 'The Formula'

NEW YORK, April 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ Whose Mother's Day is it anyway, when the children of a blended family identify "Mom" on Mother's Day?

"Often, Mother's Day brings up memories of the bitter taste of divorce. That's something that few children understand, are proud of, or easily reconcile later in life," said Bernard Bushell, author of the new relationship book "The Formula: How I Found It and What It Can Do For You."

He encourages men and women to find the right partner, better understand each other from the outset, improve their relationship, and avoid divorce.

"Mother's Day can be the most trying holiday of the year. It opens wounds that more than half of married people face," said Bushell whose formula is E/S = R in which 'E' stands for ego, the mantra for men; "S" stands for Security, the driving force for women which equals 'R' which stands for Relationship.

"The formula is a scenario based on our hunter and gatherer origins but updated to work for today's hectic and complex lifestyles. It is clear, concise and easy to remember," he said. "If the female's S (security) does not support a man's E (ego) it is difficult to have a R (relationship)."

"Children are our future. They often do not understand the concept of divorce and live a life of confusion," said Bushell, who speaks firsthand of how his divorce impacted his own family. "The basic premise is that through education, males and females can understand their own traits and characteristics before establishing permanent relationships."

About "The Formula"

"The Formula" can lower our soaring divorce rate and remedy the damage it causes to relationships, families and children.

Drawing on a lifetime of experience, Bushell has created an original and effective blueprint to build more fulfilling lives.

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