Bennett Kerr Releases Debut Crime Thriller

July 9
7:37 2014
Bennett Kerr Releases Debut Crime Thriller

Queensland, Australia

How far can a man go to gratify his thirst for revenge? Can evil vindicate another evil? Author Bennett Kerr delves deep into the darker side of human psyche as he attempts to answer these conundrums, taking readers into the scandalous and vicious world of "KILLCAM" (published by Xlibris AU).

At first glance, Jensen Matthews is just like any other Brisbane teenager - except he is not. Haunted by the traumatic past of a sister lost to rape and murder, Matthews decides to take the law into his own hands as a newly-found friend rekindles his hatred for rapists. Using his outback ranger training from his father, he sets out gunning down people deemed guilty of horrendous crimes. His notoriety gained popularity as he films his murders, amassing worship to the man responsible for ridding the streets of scum. A determined detective and an ambitious reporter join the chase as each character begins to question their own judgments. Should the murderer be stopped or does the end justify the mean? KILLCAM's fast-paced fictional trance leads to clever twists that offer more questions than answers.


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