Barbara Hinske Continues with 'Weaving the Strands' Secrets in the Shadows and Love is in the Air

May 23
12:19 2014
Barbara Hinske Continues with 'Weaving the Strands' Secrets in the Shadows and Love is in the Air

The Beloved Rosemont Saga Continues, Just in Time for Lazy Summer Weekends.

BookBub Bestselling Author delivers enough firepower to win over readers.

BookBub Bestselling Author Barbara Hinske continues the beloved Rosemont saga with secrets in the shadows and love in the air. "Weaving the Strands" is a fun, fast read to lose oneself in over a weekend or on vacation.

In "Weaving the Strands," Maggie Martin's plans to start a serene new life have been derailed. As the beleaguered mayor of Westbury, she's at the epicenter of the town's worsening financial crisis. The looming foreclosure of its senior center followed by a suspicious death have fueled a barrage of public criticism all pointed her way. And she may have unwittingly invited a traitor into her inner circle. Throw in a lovelorn daughter, an attic full of surprises-at least one of which is most unwelcome, too many guests for Thanksgiving dinner, and an uncertain relationship with her favorite veterinarian, and Maggie has her hands full.

Her nemesis on the town council, wealthy businessman Frank Haynes, is up to what he does best-no good. He's poking around in her late husband's shady past to unearth whatever he can find that will help him gain the upper hand over Maggie. But his new assistant from Scottsdale may have her own tricks up her sleeve.

With trouble all around, will the winds of change blow favorably or foul for Maggie? Curl up and travel to the enchanting world of Rosemont and its irrepressible owner.

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Barbara Hinske is a practicing attorney who inherited the fiction-writing gene from her father. She began her career as an industrial engineer, but found her true passion in the law. She has two children - now grown - with her exceedingly kind and good second husband, who died of cancer in 2006. Lucky in love, Barb married another exceptional man and father of two in 2010, and they live in Phoenix, Arizona, in their own Rosemont, with their two adorable and spoiled dogs.

Title: Weaving the Strands
Author: Barbara Hinske
Published Date: May 2014
ISBN-13: 978-1499182125
Publisher: CreateSpace
(602) 206-0454

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