BEYOND DISABILITY Helps Readers Understand People With Disabilities

BEYOND DISABILITY Helps Readers Understand People With Disabilities

Hampton, VA

As diversity consultants in the area of disability awareness, authors Ellen L. Shackelford and Marguerite Edmonds recognizes that there are many questions individuals have regarding how to communicate with people with disabilities. The focus of their work is to educate people on how to interact with people who have unique differences.

"Beyond Disability Etiquette Matters" raises awareness of the many facets of disability related matters to educate, inform and encourage others. It serves as a workbook that talk about the matter of importance in the lives of young people who have been unconsciously taken for granted as talented, worthy, valuable and good decision makers despite their disability. It focuses on matters of youth and young adults living with disabilities and addresses what types of issues they face on a daily basis and how they choose to deal with the obstacles. It captures their thoughts, their emotions, their words about what it is like to live with a disability and their desire to be included in social situations like everyone else

Each section of this workbook contains objectives, vocabulary, and some practical applications. In addition, there will be activities in this workbook to further raise readers' awareness as well as other information that complements the Disability Etiquette Matters' book the authors have also written.

A truly inspiring read containing real stories from individuals who are creditable regarding disability related issues, "Beyond Disability Etiquette Matters" educate, inform and share information with readers about issues of what society has taught to be an uncomfortable topic. It is a great resource for guiding people toward a greater understanding of the matters people with disabilities face on a daily basis. Moreover, it serves to promote respect and acceptance of people with disabilities.