BETWEEN THE ROWS Shows How Marijuana Affected One Man's Life

BETWEEN THE ROWS Shows How Marijuana Affected One Man's Life

Louisville, KY (PRWEB) April 05, 2014

In the heart of the Bluegrass State, famous for bourbon and horse racing, there are farms and fields filled with tobacco and corn. Within this lush landscape, however, lies one well-hidden cash crop: Marijuana.

In Ann Barnett's new novel, "Between the Rows," one man's fateful decision turns into one of the biggest drug rings in the history of Kentucky. Barnett has woven the history of Kentucky's illegal drug trade into a tragic story born from a place where the culture of moonshiners and bootleggers was an accepted practice protected by a code of silence. The marijuana business soon becomes bigger than they could have ever dreamed and eventually the long arm of the law comes calling.

Barnett infuses classic mob-story elements with a southern Kentucky-feel. The pride in family and community plays a key role in the transformation of her characters implying the southern trend of a community taking care of it's own.

"When you think of Kentucky you certainly don't jump to marijuana farming," Barnett said. "Yet we always think of family first and unfortunately even good people sometimes make bad decisions, so before a community falls apart we self-regulate."

While the backbone of "Between the Rows" is real, the story and characters are fiction, but Barnett hopes to pass along a fresh look at a modern issue and the effects it can have on our communities.

"Between the Rows"
By: Ann Barnett
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About the author
Ann Barnett and her husband Ken live in Louisville, Kentucky. She worked for General Electric for over thirty years and is now retired. As a breast cancer survivor she cherishes every day, enjoying the things she loves most: spending time with her children and grandchildren, family and friends as well as writing of course.

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