BENDS AND SHADES Chronicles a Life in South Asia

BENDS AND SHADES Chronicles a Life in South Asia

As a father from Bangladesh and a believer in his faith, author Jahed Rahman opted for a cross-cultural setup for his family. His eldest son's wedding took place without any condition related to conversion, the usual norm in his social setting. Neither did he make it an issue for his two other offspring, and now Rahman has two granddaughters. To give his descendants an idea about their roots, he began documenting his life, chronicling his journey and creating a legacy of experiences and memories, a recollection of the myriad "Bends and Shades" of existence.

Rahman's autobiography reflects the changing settings of life, touching on and dealing with the relevance of surrounding social conditions, community living experiences, and political issues pertaining to the nations of Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and Afghanistan. These are the nations that the author has lived in besides Canada and USA. In the case of Bangladesh, a relatively new country, he witnessed the challenges of an emerging nation. Rahman also dealt with some elements of challenges faced by certain immigrants pertaining to living and rearing up children abroad. His work also delves into elements of Muslim faith and practices, and Islam's contributions to civilization in its broader context.

Through this text, readers will see Rahman's growth and transitions in changing settings, and his narrative emphasizes not only learning lessons, but also revisiting them continuously as life progresses, necessitating the regular reformulation and reconditioning of the self in terms of social and personal behavior. The theme is to evaluate all information with reference to their context, a very important concept in the modern world, where diversity and multiculturalism is the order of the day.

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