BECOMING A STRATEGIC BUSINESS OWNER Helps Business Owners Enjoy Greater Success

BECOMING A STRATEGIC BUSINESS OWNER Helps Business Owners Enjoy Greater Success

The Growth Coach Franchise CEO and Founder, Daniel Murphy, knows what it's like to own and run a business - the hours, the finances, the worries, the challenges and the commitment it takes to turn an idea into a success story. When he started coaching in 1992, it was with the mission of helping business owners and leaders in his local community understand how to strengthen a business while balancing work and life.

After 11 years of helping hundreds of business owners achieve greater success and balance, Murphy sold his first Growth Coach franchise in May 2003 and decided that writing a book would help spread the word about his proven coaching strategies throughout North America faster while serving as a resource for future Growth Coaches. That book is now available online for free.

"I truly wanted to help small business owners, my heroes, and I knew putting something together - a guide or a business coaching book - could help business owners, executives, and managers located beyond the Cincinnati region. We're in more than 140 markets now, but that wasn't always the case and I wanted to reach out and help as many people as possible, wherever they were located", he said.

The book, "Becoming a Strategic Business Owner," was published in early 2004 and is Murphy's way of making sure overworked and overwhelmed business people can find some guidance, help and hope even if a Growth Coach isn't nearby. The book walks readers through a series of practical exercises that can help improve the owner, their business, and their personal life including facing reality about what's working and what's not, seeing the big picture, creating action plans, becoming a stronger leader, mastering sales and market, developing business plans and remembering to enjoy the journey to start.

"I want those business owners to know that there are real strategies they can put into place that will help them run the business instead of the business running them. It does take a lot of work to run a small business, but you don't have to do it alone and there are better, smarter ways," he said.

"Becoming a Strategic Business Owner" also offers a glimpse at what Growth Coach can offer as the only pure business and sales coaching franchise with the sole purpose of helping drive success and balance the lives of owners and their management and sales teams through group workshops and one-to-one coaching. Clients include business and franchise owners, self-employed professionals, executives, sales teams, management teams and Entrepreneur Magazine recently ranked The Growth Coach as the #1 Business Coaching franchise in the country.