BECAUSE YOU NEVER ASKED by Jerome Grapel is Available Now

BECAUSE YOU NEVER ASKED by Jerome Grapel is Available Now

Just because you never asked isn't going to stop Jerome Grapel from sharing his opinions. As a matter of fact, he's collected them into a new book titled Because You Never Asked.

Known to his fans as Post Consumer Man, Jerry Grapel weighs in on a variety of subjects, ranging from Technology to Planned Obsolescence, The History of Capitalism to The Stupid Economy of Walmart.

No one is safe from Grapel's laser-beam opinions, whether it's Donald Trump or soccer great Ronaldo. He even takes a swipe at Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, and Rush Limbaugh's Jesus.

Shut Downs, Debt Ceilings, Terrorism, The Crash of '08, or Why I Hate the Olympics, it's all here in this brand-new collection of incisive essays.

You won't always agree with Post Consumer Man, but he's guaranteed to make you think.

Because You Never Asked is available as a $3.99 ebook or a $14.95 trade paperback.

You can purchase a copy at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, The New Atlantian Library website (, or the Absolutely Amazing eBooks online bookstore website ( for less than the cost of a pizza.

"We like to share essays and opinions, political analysis and satire," says New Atlantian Library editorial director Hollis George. "Jerry Grapel joins our other resident essayist, Louis Petrone. They look at politics, trends, current events, and other things that bug them ... and share insightful opinions."

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