BASICS OF...BUSINESS LAW by Albert L. Kelley is Now Available

BASICS OF...BUSINESS LAW by Albert L. Kelley is Now Available

As the first entry in Absolutely Amazing eBooks' new Basics of . . . series, this useful guide gives you a simple-to-understand overview of Business Law. Everything you need to know -- from contracts to copyrights, leases to evictions, limited partnerships to subchapter-S corporations, employment laws to labor disputes, property ownership to mortgages, it's all here. Told in simple language, concise and easy to follow, business attorney Albert Kelley gives you a mini-college course that covers all the basics. And this to-the-point book costs less than 1/100 of a lawyer's hourly rate.

If you've ever needed simple legal advice about everyday matters but didn't know where to turn, here's a book that's been called "Law School in a Box." Another reviewer describes it as "Everything you always needed to know about business law, but couldn't afford to ask!"

In keeping with the Absolutely Amazing eBooks "affordable prices" philosophy, Basics of ... Business Law is available as a $3.99 ebook or $14.95 paperback. You can find it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or at Absolutely Amazing eBooks online bookstore (

Future titles under the Basics of ... imprint will include easy-to-understand guides to gardening, pottery, even bee-keeping. You will find new additions at the AAeB online store, along with hundreds of other original titles ranging from mysteries to romance, science fiction to horror, self help to outstanding short story collections.

"We're delighted to launch our new Basics of ... series with Al Kelley's Basics of ... Business Law," says editorial director Hollis George. "It's already answered a few legal questions I had. And I'm sure it will prove to be a handy and economical reference for you too."

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