Author and Speaker Jackie Woodside to Speak On Topic of Leadership and Prayer, 7/18-20

Author and Speaker Jackie Woodside to Speak On Topic of  Leadership and Prayer, 7/18-20

Birmingham, Alabama

Jackie Woodside is a thought leader in the human potential movement. A popular author and motivational speaker, she is often asked to address large groups and always imparts a sense of possibility and inspiration to her audiences. The founder of an entirely new school of thought that maintains the juncture, "Anyone can learn to live in the realm of miracles." Woodside is the author of several books including What If It's Time for a Change, Conscious Entrepreneurs, and the soon-to-be released Calming the Chaos all of which deal with aspects of 'becoming the least stressed most productive person you know'. All of Jackie's books also include insights into her own beliefs, particularly within the arena of individuals becoming willing to look outside conventional teaching and wisdom to find his or her own unique life experiences.

From July 18 to July 20, 2014, Jackie will be a featured speaker at the Unity Congregation of Birmingham, Alabama's "Soul of Leadership" event. This training event will encompass all areas of consciousness teaching and will provide attendees an opportunity to hear Jackie speak on the subjects closest to her heart. Her talks will include "Make Your Life a Living Prayer", "Leading From the Inside Out", as well as "Living Your Life By Design."

As the creator of the revolutionary program "The Curriculum For Conscious Living," Jackie has worked with many people to teach them to consciously create the life they want to live. Now, the "Soul of Leadership" event will give her another opportunity to reach audiences with practical tips, and help them to understand how to accomplish more with less stress.