Author Ward Jones Releases His Novel, “The Way Up”

Author Ward Jones Releases His Novel, “The Way Up”

Author Ward Jones is proud to announce the recent release of his novel "The Way Up." "The Way Up" is a literary fiction novel that depicts the life and struggle of a young law school graduate as he searches to find and keep a good job and a girl he can love after hating his father for so long. The book trailer for "The Way Up" was revealed today on DGT Book Promotion news. In addition, Ward Jones shared an insightful interview this week on the Reading and Writing Addiction blog about himself and the release of "The Way Up." Ward's interview can be followed at and the official "The Way Up" trailer can be viewed on YouTube.

About The Book
Emotional painful and often sensual, "The Way Up" follows the trials and tribulations of John Howard, a 26 year old law school graduate who works through family tragedy, turbulent relationships and an unexpected series of career changes. Jones' complex characters come to life in "The Way Up," as Howard comes to grips with his ever-changing reality in this intriguing and dramatic tale.

Praise for "The Way Up":
"Jones weaves an insightful story . . . his blue-collar beer swilling about to be in-laws is broad comedy at its best . . . Jones has a talent for both comedy and drama. -ForeWord Clarion Reviews.

About The Author
In Ward Jones' description of the novel, "The Way Up," he states "This working class boy, John Howard, became as real as any character I've written or read." The author was a lawyer and has been writing novels and short stories since 1995. Five more novels followed and a number of short stories, two were published in the Audience Literary Journal and The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature. He lives in Houston with his wife Shelby.

The Way Up (316 pages, ISBN: 978-1477429327) is available online at Amazon and Createspace.

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