Author S. Laws Explores the Apocrypha in Her Latest Book

Author S. Laws Explores the Apocrypha in Her Latest Book

Though most of us would never think of the Bible as undergoing an editing process, the reality is that the Bible we know today isn't the only Bible that has existed. Throughout time, a set of books has been included and excluded from the Bible as church leaders debated their value and worth.

Author S. Laws's new book, "The Apocrypha: Does it Matter?" explores those books that did not meet requirements for inclusion in the Old Testament. These books are called the Apocrypha and are commonly included in Roman Catholic Bibles. For many Christians, these books are commonly unheard of or misunderstood by most Protestants.

"After I learned of the Apocrypha in college, I began to read the books and was inspired by the stories of many characters' faith and hope in God as well as their perseverance during difficult times," Laws said.

Tying lessons learned in these books into the lives of readers, Laws provides an introduction into historical religious writings. Readers will be entertained, encouraged and inspired by the characters and experiences contained in these mysterious books.

The Apocrypha: Does it Matter?
A Protestant's View
By S. Laws
ISBN: 978-1-46915-048-2
Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Xlibris online bookstores

About the author:
After a life of exploring scripture, S. Laws graduated summa cum laude from Martin University with a degree in Religious Studies and earned a master's degree in Urban Ministry. While in school, Laws learned of the Apocrypha and was interested in learning more about these books that are not included in the King James version read by Protestants. Currently, Laws works in the education field and enjoys spending time with grandchildren.

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