Author Robert Dickerson Shares Eclectic Collection of Poems

January 11
7:20 2013

Author Robert Dickerson Shares Eclectic Collection of Poems

Abu Azzam finds solace in poetry and has inspired many soldiers with his revolution-inspired literary works, despite living a highly restrictive Arab culture. This only goes to show how passion for poetry cannot be thwarted by even the most dangerous of scenarios. In line with this, author Robert Dickerson also presents his exhilarating collection of poems in his book titled "The Museum Of The City Of..."

Robert Dickerson has crafted poetry for some forty years. His pen has produced several-volumes' worth of verses. In his works, he celebrates the 'formal' and cultivates the 'science' of poetry, though he believes the degree of spiritual refinement in the voice distinguishes the poet. His poems revel in the concrete and he believes in the poem as object. He advocates a natural voice, the primacy of the idea and the translation of the ordinary.

His ethics insists that, mathematics aside, all that passes for truth in human affairs is rooted in need and tribal belief. He welcomes the return to poetry of transparency and design and prefers a poetic of mood and word magic to a poetry of politics. In his view, a poem is a 'joke' whose punch-line yields enlightenment and that learning the craft takes practice and relentless alertness to every poetic possibility.

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