Author Releases Memoir, NASZA WOJNA SWIATOWA

Author Releases Memoir, NASZA WOJNA SWIATOWA


Author Teresa Pawlowska offers a rare firsthand account of the German occupation of Poland during World War II in her new Polish-language memoir, "NASZA WOJNA ?WIATOWA" (published by AuthorHouse).

Pawlowska grew up in the Polish village of Szoldry, located about 26 miles west of Poznan, during WWII. Her heartfelt new book, which translates to "Our War of the Worlds" in English, recounts her family's struggle to stay alive while living in constant fear and poverty.

In September 1939, 1.5 million German troops invaded Poland at Hitler's command. Two days later, Britain and France declared war on Germany, and WWII officially began. The German invasion was swift and violent, and life for Polish citizens was forever changed.

Written in heartbreaking detail, "NASZA WOJNA ?WIATOWA" reveals the impact of German occupation on the author's family and her fellow countrymen. Her father was taken from Warsaw to a German concentration camp near Frankfurt, and her Uncle John stayed in Warsaw, where he fought against German tanks with a bayonet.

Amidst death and destruction, the residents of Szoldry worked hard to supply food for starving people. Pawlowska's mother, brother and two sisters refused to stop fighting for their freedom even as their country collapsed around them. She hopes that their story will show readers how to stay strong and cope with military conflict.

"Please care and protect your freedom," the author says. "Never again!"