Author Peter I. Thompson Features Ascomycetes in His New Book

Author Peter I. Thompson Features Ascomycetes in His New Book

Ascomycetes in Colour by Peter I. Thompson illustrates with colour photographs 700 species from the ascomycota. This book provides the field mycologist with a reference guide for locating and identifying a wide range of ascomycetes, which grow in many different habitats.

Ascomycetes in Colour illustrates and describes fungi that are mainly cups, discs and spheres which grow on, or just beneath the surface of their host. The ascomycetes' shapes, sizes, colours and textures vary greatly and together they represent an intricate and beautiful part of the fungus kingdom. Thompson visited different types of terrain to search for these fungi. He selected the types of public access land where trees, herbaceous plants, ferns, rushes and grasses grow naturally, with minimal assistance from people. He went to woods, marshes, banks of rivers, streams, lakes and ponds, coastal sand dunes, quarries and grasslands. Thompson collected samples of the ascomycetes found and then proceeded to identify them from their microscopic characteristics.

This volume reveals the colourful ascomycetes Thompson had discovered. These fungi grow on a wide range of substrates. All of the species have been found and photographed in mainland Britain. The author is publishing this book to provide the reader with an up to date and more comprehensive book with colour illustrations than any other currently available.

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