Author Johnny Napier Releases GHOST IN A COAL MINE

July 16
6:51 2013

Author Johnny Napier Releases GHOST IN A COAL MINE

When one adds the unthinkable, unnatural evils of demons and ghosts and human's everyday fight with good and evil, it sends chills down one's spine. Author Johnny Napier tells a spine-tingling tale about ghosts in mines with his new publication, Ghost in a Coal Mine. In this story, readers will witness the fierce battle between good and evil, and the stunning conclusion that gave way to the eradication of the latter.

This book is a mixture of past and present good against evil. It pushes the limit on the supernatural and what people feel could exist, giving them a look inside the coal mines and the dangers that even today the men working the mines face with cave-ins and explosions. One of the coal mines in Kentucky started to lose men over the years because of a very peculiar reason. They say that the said mine was haunted. Many testify that they have seen the ghost of a man, appearing out of nowhere. They were spooked, and so they leave their jobs.

When George learned about this from the boss of one of the mines, he volunteered to investigate. What they found out led to further mystery that they vow to find out. They met Charlie, a seventeen-year old ghost who only learned he's dead when George tried to communicate to him. He died in the late 1940s, and he was supposed to be 37 by that time they discovered about him. Charlie told them that there are more of them from where he came from, revealing to them that there was a prior mine beneath the new one, and the people who were trapped dead inside have also no idea that they already died.


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