Author Helps Readers Understand Life in SECRETS OF COLOURS

Author Helps Readers Understand Life in SECRETS OF COLOURS

Feeling blue? Is your vision blurring red? Is the green-eyed monster a familiar face? Sometimes, color is the best way to describe emotions and experiences. Ernesto Zollo takes this one step further in his new book, "Secrets of Colours." In the book, Zollo elaborates on how colors influence energy.

"The possibilities are endless when you supercharge thought by adding color," says Zollo, a lifelong artist and teacher. "Stress is created by negative thinking, but colors have the ability to give a different, positive energy."

The workbook lets readers rank their preference to colors. Then, Zollo provides careful analysis of the reader's color preferences, offering insight into energy deficiencies and strengths. It's all a labor of love for Zollo, who has dedicated his life to studying colors and their influence on the mind. As an artist, he has exhibited around the world and as a teacher he has taught artists of all backgrounds.

"It took me over 30 years of use to fully understand color energy use," Zollo says. "I am still finding new ways to use color energy in life today. I want to empower readers to have confidence in their abilities to use color energy in thoughts and ideas."

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"Secrets of Colours"
By Ernesto Zollo
ISBN: 9781456774455
Available in softcover
Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and AuthorHouse

About the author
Ernesto Zollo was born in Italy and came to Australia when he was 6 years old. He was a soldier, artist, sculptor, designer, shop owner, movie director, art tutor and writer. He has been writing ever since and enjoys sharing his creative mind with all who are interested. Ernesto Zollo is an artist art tutor and colour-tutoring psychic.