Author Brother Patrick New Book Simplifies the Gospel

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"This book is divinely inspired toward the need for all mankind to believe all the words of Jesus as they are written in a correctly translated Holy Bible," Brother Patrick says about God's Word reviewed in his book, "The Simplicity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ" (published by WestBow Press). "This book is about 'The First Principles of the Oracles of God,' so, if we want God to intervene in the affairs of life and world circumstances, we must believe 'all' that is Jesus Christ; as all He says applies to all of us."

Brother Patrick also says "The Simplicity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ" reviews the words of Jesus for readers to 'get understanding' of His most crucial spiritual principles and commands.

"It is my prayer that every reader will also get understanding of the need, and will develop a continuing desire to be a 'doer of The Word' as it is written in an authorized translation. And will maintain a continuous close relationship with Jesus Christ - 'daily', by the Holy Spirit, for victories in all life circumstances."

In his book the reader will review from the Holy Scriptures how every person on earth should be seeking the Creator for "His answers" on how to reverse rising turmoil that is plaguing communities, our cities and throughout nations; looking to themselves rather than blaming others and seeking governments for remedies.

An excerpt from "The Simplicity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ":

"God's Word is settled in heaven; so, whether the fulfillment of it takes place for Blessings, or in manifestation of curses - is determined by whether we do our part or not. When we turn our hearts to obey God our Creator, "The Helper", "The Holy Spirit", will guide us into knowing His Truth and experiencing His Blessings - no matter the circumstances. Then the Good News of The Gospel will be fulfilled in every Christian who is "walking in The Spirit" - daily. However, as the whole Counsel of God teaches, that can never be done by any natural means - no matter how sincere or popular the effort; just as it was not fulfilled in those ancient times under the Old Testament Covenant. This is as it is written in 2 Corinthians 3:14 and Hebrews 8:7-11."

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