Author Allen H. Lipis' Book Unravels His Secrets to Business Success

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Inspired by his journey through life from growing up from a low-middle income family to gaining the confidence to launch two companies and having had a major role in the development of electronic banking, Dr. Allen H. Lipis shares the lessons that he learned over a lifetime of experience, especially in business. In It's All About Business: Lifetime Lessons for Success, he honestly and daringly unravels what happened throughout his life that made him the man that he is-the good, the bad and the ugly.

This book is Lipis' autobiography about succeeding in business as an entrepreneur. In this book, Lipis explores the experiences he had, explains what impact those experiences had on him, and shares the lessons that he learned from them. It's All About Business: Lifetime Lessons for Success is his introspection about the changes that affected him the most-the things that played significant roles in achieving his success in business. For him, people are changed by the experiences they have and the lessons they learned from it. He hopes to empower those who are reluctant and doubtful about their potential and skills to give them the confidence to be successful in whatever they do, especially in business.

"I didn't think that my own story in and by itself would interest many people. Memoirs are usually about famous people or people who did something special. I never won a race, held public office, or was in the movies. I just did my thing, minded my own business, and pressed on day after day, year after year. And as I write this at age 74, I think I have made something useful out of my life, but more important than that, I think the experiences I had that changed me might make you understand yourself a little more and perhaps even provide some guidance for your life. Only you can decide," the author declares.

In It's All About Business: Lifetime Lessons for Success, Lipis has written an inspiring and eye-opening account that provides readers a chance to explore his life and the world of business to motivate them to assess just who they are by reviewing their life's experiences. This book is a wonderful journey that will inspire you provide you with the lessons the Lipis learned through his own experiences. It will show you what it takes to become an entrepreneur.

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