Arlene Rubens Balin Releases New Mystery Murder Novel

July 9
7:39 2014
Arlene Rubens Balin Releases New Mystery Murder Novel

Sonoma, CA

Author Arlene Rubens Balin takes her readers back to late 1930s England, to a time when the Second World War was imminent, and to a place where a singular act of violence overrode this war scare, leaving the community paralyzed with fear of a hidden assailant acting "With Intent to Murder" (published by Xlibris). The novel follows Chief Investigator Maxwell Hamilton as he strives to get to the bottom of the case and bring the killer to justice.

The story begins in the early spring of 1938, in the township of St. Basil when the inspector is summoned to the opulent Hemstead Manor, where Squire Cyril Hemstead is found dead on his bed with a carving knife protruding from his back. With the killer still on the loose, the town grows fearful. The locals believe that the perpetrator is a stranger, an outsider, thinking that none of them could do such an evil thing. Inspector Hamilton diligently works to unravel the killer's identity, and, in the process, he uncovers the secrets and scandals of the family members and associates of the deceased. They are parts of the intricate puzzle Inspector Hamilton is bent on deciphering in order to put an end to the mystery.

"With Intent to Murder" is aimed at engaging and surprising fans of the crime fiction and detective genres as well as casual readers with its unexpected twists and turns, and a narrative written by a true lover of the murder mystery.


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