'Apocalypse in Paradise' by Nancy E. Rose is Released

'Apocalypse in Paradise' by Nancy E. Rose is Released


The end is nigh as the eschatological prophecies foretold in days past reach their culmination. The final battle to determine the fate of the world will not take place in the great cities of man, but in a remote isle in the South Pacific, where ancient and unknown powers stir in their slumber. There, an "Apocalypse in Paradise" will take place, or so author Nancy E. Rose writes in her thrilling new adventure novel.

The apocalyptic story takes place on a tropical island with a military installation commanded by a diabolical colonel who, like Captain Cook, tries to eradicate the Polynesian islanders. His deranged ideology persuades him to extend this genocidal pursuit throughout the world, to restore what he sees as the master race. His actions are prompted by the election of an African-American president, and his instruments include a horrifying bioweapon and a vaccine that he will only distribute to those he sees as racially pure.

The only ones who can stand in his way, who have a chance at stopping him, are an unlikely cast of characters, which include the leader of the island's people who strives to preserve their Polynesian traditions, a cruise ship nurse seeking a new adventure in life, the island's pastor, and a high priestess who practices ancient islander sorcery. This multicultural cast of civilians-turned- Hawaiian heroes is pitted against a ruthless genocidal militaristic adversary commanding vast forces, and through their struggle the author shows that faith, hope and love are great powers that transcend even death, but these values demand sacrifice and commitment in order to be actualized.

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