Anita Lamb Shares the Joy of Farming in New Book

Anita Lamb Shares the Joy of Farming in New Book

People tell stories for a variety of reasons. For debut author Anita Lamb, storytelling is her way of sharing inspiration and humour as well as insight into her delightful experiences living on a farm. In her new book, "Ebony and the Man in the Big Blue Overalls," she narrates an amazing experience that she and her husband had with a little calf.

After her birth, Ebony the calf is rejected by her own mother and pushed into a creek. A kindly man in big blue overalls saves the little calf from her raging mother and takes Ebony to his own barn. There, his wife takes care of Ebony. When they bring in the mother to meet her child again, they realize that the mother's hormones have created great anger in her, and she will never accept her baby. They take care of her until they find a cow whose own calf sadly passed, and they disguise her as the cow's baby. The cow accepts Ebony and she finally has a mother who loves her and treats her kindly.

From the opening scene, readers are thrown into the action which creates an attention-grabbing opener. It is very detailed and makes it easy for the reader to feel for and with the main character, the calf. This also creates an almost instantaneous bond between readers and the main characters and allows for them to go through a range of emotions. It is sad but readers know that there must be rescue around the corner for the little calf so when the rescue does show up, it is a great relief. This captivating story is being considered for a potential film adaptation.

Accompanied by vibrant illustrations, "Ebony and the Man in the Big Blue Overalls" is a story of life on a farm and the joy that comes from kindness, friendship and family. It will warm the hearts of readers of all ages.

Praise for "Ebony and the Man in the Big Blue Overalls:"

"The story offers a more domestic perspective on animal rescue and animal lovers will be instantly engaged by Ebony's situation... independent readers not quite ready for chapter books will be hooked by the action and the New Zealand farm setting... A photograph of the author with real-life Ebony in the end pages adds authenticity... A charming, high-action farm story sure to be a hit with budding animal rescuers." - Kirkus

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