Angela Santistevan Releases Novel That Details the Cycle of Abuse of Women and Children

November 4
10:51 2013

Angela Santistevan Releases Novel That Details the Cycle of Abuse of Women and Children

Surprise, Ariz.

While most love stories end with a happily ever after, some go sour and others become real-life nightmares. In an effort to beat the gongs louder to address this pressing issue, Angela Santistevan puts forward "Downfall", a must-read book that details the cycle of abuse and violence that continue to beleaguer an untold number of women and their children today.

Santistevan presents the whole gamut of torment and trauma victims of domestic violence experience. Despite the inhumane treatment they are subjected to, however, many still choose to keep mum for fear of ignominy to the self and the family. Through a heart-wrenching tale of one woman whose story need not be experienced once more, the author intends to deliver the message that the day-to-day struggle for survival should not be fought in silence and unaided. She encourages silent sufferers instead to speak and stand up for their rights.

A book bursting at the seams with emotion and tension, readers can follow Elizabeth whose supposed fairytale becomes something only horror stories are made of. After tying the knot with Ricky, things take an unexpected and drastic turn and she begins to realize that her husband was all along a cunning wolf in sheep's clothing. The hapless heroine is put through hell in his hands. As with all victims, she endures the pain and clings to the infinitesimal hope that things are to get better one day, maybe then she can salvage what little is left of the family they both built. Little does Elizabeth know that she is fighting a losing battle. Will she find her own salvation before it is too late?


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