Andrea Coville's New Book, RELEVANCE is Available Now

Andrea Coville's New Book, RELEVANCE is Available Now

A new book released today declares 'relevance' as the most important goal of 21 st-century communications initiatives, more important than the superficial metrics of eyeballs, buzz and impressions.

"You invest everything in creating your company, brand, candidacy or cause," said Andrea Coville, author of Relevance: The Power to Change Minds and Behavior and Stay Ahead of the Competition. "You invest significant dollars on marketing and endless hours in brainstorm after brainstorm. Yet can you honestly say you're truly connecting in a real way with your customers, constituents or employees?"

"Relevance," Coville writes with Paul Brown, is "the full experience of a product, brand, candidate or cause," an experience that not only changes minds, but changes behavior in a sustained way. That new behavior could be buying a product, casting a vote, donating to a charity or losing weight.

"Relevance" probes the numerous dimensions of the title topic, candidly revealing the strategies that have made Brodeur Partners one of the nation's most innovative communications firms.

"Any serious business person needs to understand this book's message," said Harvard Business School professor and best-selling author Jeffrey F. Rayport.

For 25 years, Coville has employed the principles of 'relevance' in high-performing global communications campaigns for organizations in the business-to-business, consumer products and healthcare markets. Her agency's extensive client roster has included the American Cancer Society (ACS), IBM, MasterCard, Corning, Phillips, RIM (Blackberry), Bio, Vertex, 3M and GE Plastics.

Her recent presentations include the Innovation and Insight Summit, the 23rd Annual Dynamic Women in Business Conference at Harvard Business School and the Wharton School of Management.

Logic is overrated
Coville with Brown argues that too many communications campaigns operate entirely on a logical plane. They fail to invoke deeper levels of meaning sensory, social and values-based that prompt a person to act.

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