Ancica Koprek Releases STOWAWAY PEPPY

Ancica Koprek Releases STOWAWAY PEPPY

Melbourne, Australia

Author Ancica Koprek weaves a playful story that will surely capture every reader's imagination with her book, "Stowaway Peppy." In this tale, Peppy the stowaway plays his mischievous tricks. He tries to outwit the sinister cook and creates a whole new mess. How can he get away from it when the captain finds out?

There is a ship with a strict captain who runs everything smoothly but firmly. Unbeknownst to him, the cook down in the kitchen keeps a secret. He lets a certain stowaway aboard the ship and makes him do some chores in the kitchen. The young stowaway's name is Peppy. Always curious and with a thirst for adventures, Peppy relishes the thought of joining the sailors in this journey. There is one problem though - the captain cannot find out that he is there or else he will suffer the consequences.

But poor Peppy gets tired of the kitchen and the chores that the cook assigns to him. He longs for an escape. His foolishness, however, almost cost him his safety. It is only through his sheer wit and cleverness that he is able to think of a plan to get out of the mess. How will he do it?

Through a combination of engaging prose and vibrant illustrations, Koprek tells a tale of a sea voyage, an exciting adventure in a big boat, the Sea lorry, where the captain and the dedicated crew work hard to ensure a safe journey. "Stowaway Peppy" is an educational book that is fun and easy to read.