America's Educational System Unveiled in New Book

America's Educational System Unveiled in New Book

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire," William Butler Yeats once said. Seasoned educator Elizabeth H. Brett fully comprehends the power of education that even after retirement, she seeks new avenues to educate others. Today, she has transformed herself into a compelling author to reach out to thousands of readers by publishing her experience in her new autobiography, titled So You Want to Be a Teacher?: What I Learned in Forty Years of Teaching.

"[It] is a bit of light reading in a troubled world today," shares Brett. "I left names by the wayside and emphasized actions, especially innovative behavior. The students I enjoyed were full of mischief, but for the most part, it was simply that-mischief. Very few of the students I taught in my forty years were bad-they just needed a bit of love and understanding."

Inspired by 40 years of teaching, Brett's book describes the good, the bad, and the otherwise, to describe schools and the educational system, from high schools to colleges in America. She reveals her personal experiences, reflections and insights, as well as the countless lives she has seen that has been transformed through education. Her hope is that the teacher, as well as others, can relate to some part of this book for everyday life.

The genesis of the book came as a surprising realization to Brett. She said that when she read Up the Down Staircase by Bel Kaufman, she thought, "I could have written that." She thought seriously about writing her own memories and eventually wrote this book. She has stressed academics, integrity, and love in all her teachings. She has also stated that she is very grateful for the opportunity to know and love so many wonderful students.

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