Alani Indigo Santamarina Releases First Book, A PLACE WHERE WE ALL BELONG

Alani Indigo Santamarina Releases First Book, A PLACE WHERE WE ALL BELONG

Aspiring author Alani Indigo Santamarina has published her first book at the young age of 12 years old. Written when she was only eight, "A Place Where We All Belong" is a whimsical yet poignant first entry in to the writing world.

New authors are published every day, but rarely are they as young as Alani. Beginning this tale at merely eight years old, her style has matured over the years while her message remained strong. "A Place Where We All Belong" offers a rare glimpse into the workings of a child's idealistic mind.

"A Place Where We All Belong," and its delightful accompanying artwork, is an entertaining and engaging book for children. As they become young readers, kids will find this a story they can enjoy again and again. Parents can take comfort in the fact that the message of the book is both wholesome and contemporary without being preachy.

"When you melt down all the extraneous details, ultimately at the core of the story is the idea that learning from those who are different from you and accepting those people into society makes you a better person than before you met them. This ideal, I believe, is one of the most important concepts a child should grasp." Alani Indigo Santamarina

Encouragingly, Alani has touched on the areas of conservation of natural resources, fairness, the value of diversity of thought and ability through her fable. Lions, leopards, and other wild cats are used to illustrate the importance of friendship, recognizing injustice, and the need for unity when attempting to change the status quo. As the story progresses, a more subtle lesson emerges that shows that the differences separating you from your enemies are less significant than you may initially believe.

Alani Indigo Santamarina is a voracious reader of the classics, science, history, biographies, fantasy and mythology. Alani's journey toward becoming an author began when she started writing for pleasure at the age of six. By the age of eight, she had begun her first book. It has been her dream to become a professional author a dream she is realizing at a very young age. Now 13, she is three-years in on original fantasy book with many more story lines in the pipeline for future writing.

"This book is like something out of my dreams, except now I can touch it, flip through the pages and take delight in other children's response to the story." Alani Indigo Santamarina

With such talent, we can expect to see many great works over Alani Santamarina's very promising writing career.

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Alani Indigo Santamarina Releases First Book, A PLACE WHERE WE ALL BELONG

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