Akwasi Amo-Addae Mintah Releases CORRUPT VISION

August 6
7:15 2014
Akwasi Amo-Addae Mintah Releases CORRUPT VISION

Nijmegen, Netherlands

Ten years after leaving to seek greener pastures abroad, disillusioned young Okemambo Sam returns to his hometown on an island off the coast of Africa in "Corrupt Vision" (published by AuthorHouse). Author Akwasi Amo-Addae Mintah pens this fictional narrative of Okemambo, his betrothed, Ufuoma Hitam, and the one thing keeping them apart: the Agrah church led by pastor Yapinza.

Okemambo resolves to play his part in reforming the community from the new culture of a religious faith that misleads the young and future generations of his unaware African tribal community. However, having been taught by the new Agrah Christian Movement that the way to achieve one's aims is through spiritual intervention, the young people are blinded to the power of education, science and technology as means to effect positive change against the underdevelopment in which they live.

Having migrated from Africa himself, Mintah was inspired by the circumstances, attitudes and underlying principles that contributed to the success and advancement of the developed world.


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