'Agony' by Kshitij is Released

'Agony' by Kshitij is Released

A thought of capturing the struggle and anguish a person could go in his or her sleep propelled young author Kshitij to pen an exciting novel that dwells on the idea of how a person lives through "Agony" (published by Partridge India). Housing themes of a haunted place, rituals, demonism and the sheer determination of an individual to live in the midst of relentless pain, "Agony" will catch and hold reader's attention until the every end.

Kewy , a young Irish teacher, lives a lonely life in small county of Louth. She has a life, plagued with nightmares- the horrid dreams about a place, called Reinhardt County. Kewy is afraid to close her eyes, but when she has to - she sees fire, misery and deaths surrounding her. Kasper is a grocery boy who works at Finke's- a popular shopping store in Louth. He had never seen anyone as alluring and mysterious as Kewy. Einin is a catholic teen studying in Kewy's art history class. She just needed a look on Kewy's face to understand her agonies. Kasper and Einin, quickly become comfortable with Kewy and get involve in her problem, not knowing what they are getting into, not having the slightest idea that what waits for them in those dead woods is more than just a plain and ordinary fear.

""Agony" employs a ruse to lure readers' mind. Everything is different from what appears on the surface. As the readers, detangle the secret of the place along with the characters, it's already become too late, too confusing to turn away from horrible truth and the only way left is to continue and try to accept it. Rather than toying with the concept of horror, this tale focuses on the determination and sufferings of an individual and the bonds three strangers share, when they come along in their journey towards doom. Keeping the readers hooked until the very end, "Agony" will continue to bombard questions of morality and rationality even long after they are done reading the story.

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