Adventure Writer's New Sequel, 'The Ice Cap and the Rift,' is Released

Adventure Writer's New Sequel, 'The Ice Cap and the Rift,' is Released

Fort Myers, FL

Marshall Chamberlain's new novel, "The Ice Cap and the Rift," the second in his action-thriller trilogy, hits all the high notes of the genre, according to early reviews of the book, which publishes in October.

"An astonishingly descriptive tale of adventure and intrigue... If you can only read one series this year, this is the series you want to read," writes top Goodreads reviewer Lee Ashford.

Chamberlain credits his ability to keep the characters and plot believable, thanks to a lifetime of diverse experiences.

"Maintaining plausible reality in an action-thriller trilogy, or in any fiction, is essential; it's the quality in a book that allows the reader to suspend disbelief, without which interest plummets," says Chamberlain, also known as The Above Average Man, who has been a businessman, a U.S. Marine officer, husband (and divorcee), father, world traveler, boat dweller, seeker of meaning, author and all-around adventurer.

"The Ice Cap and the Rift" continues where the kick starter of the action-thriller trilogy, "The Mountain Place of Knowledge," leaves off. John Henry Morgan, geologist, former Marine and the new director of the United Nation's Institute for the Study of Unusual Phenomena (ISUP) is cast into the aftermath of the largest single shift ever recorded in the Earth's crust. He joins ISUP's benign scientific expedition to study the origin and contents of a cavern exposed by a massive rift that sliced across an Icelandic icecap.

The mission turns dangerous and chaotic when it's discovered the cavern was occupied 180,000 years ago and contains a perfectly preserved hi-tech habitat, complete with functional travel vehicles.