Absolutely Amazing eBooks Presents MARLOW: MANGO RUN

Absolutely Amazing eBooks Presents MARLOW: MANGO RUN

Amazon ranks its bestsellers like a golf score. The lower the number the better. That's why mystery writer Bill Craig is celebrating -- for the fourth book in his popular Marlow series just hit an impressive #6,580 out of the estimated 14 million books sold by Amazon.

What's more, it ranks #34 out of all the Private Investigator novels in the world that are sold by the web giant. And it ranks #58 among those mysteries described as Hard-Boiled.

Marlow: Mango Run tells of the ongoing adventures of detective Rick Marlow in Key West. Still getting his act together after his career as a NYC cop came to an abrupt halt. He's cut down to five cigarettes a day and only occasionally anything stronger than beer to drink. He's running nearly half a mile now, a long way from where he had been before he got shot. So when he gets this new case, he's not prepared for the violence that's sure to follow.

"A great read, it's as attention-getting as a fist in the face!" ," notes Shirrel Rhoades, editor of Murder In Key West.

Marlow: Mango Run is the latest book in series -- Marlow: Indigo Tide, Marlow: Banana Wind, and Marlow: The Neon Goodbye.

Each of these are available in ebook editions for only $3.99 each, instantly downloaded to your ereader device (Kindle, Nook, iPad, etc.) for less than the cost of a grande at Starbucks.

You can find Bill Craig's Marlow series -- as well as his liked-priced Joe Collins mysteries -- at Amazon. Also you can find these titles at Barnes & Noble as well as the publisher's online

If you love mysteries and thrillers, check out the bookshelves at Absolutely Amazing eBooks. No ebook priced higher than $3.99 and some as low as 99 cents.

And if you still love the tactile feel of an ink-on-paper book in your hands, all of Bill Craig's titles are available as sturdy 6" x 9" paperbacks for only $14.95.

Give Bill Craig a read. As one hardcore mystery fan said, "Marlow: Mango Run is not ranked at #6,580 for nothing."

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